Sustainable energy access


The energy component is a key element for humanitarian response and development projects, given the transversal impact that energy has in health, education, food security, productive uses, etc. and is proving to be a success in developing countries.

Energy projects


Since many years Studer has participated, mostly as an equipment supplier, in many impactful renewable energy projects related to rural electrification, access to electricity and emergency assistance.


We would like to go a step further, increase actively our contribution, and that’s why we have set up a full initiative to foster sustainable access to energy projects both for development and humanitarian response.

Green empowerment


Green empowerment is now leading the way and Studer is on board.


Have a look at our brochure Sustainable energy access and contact us at energy.acces@studer-innotec-com.

Sustainable energy partner


We have been there, on the field, installing and helping integrate Studer devices into real projects that are well-functioning for years now. We are happy to listen to your ideas and we can work together to find financing options. We wish to contribute towards SDG7 with and active role!


Let´s partner together and make this world a better place with sustainable energy production.