next3, the future of selfcomsumption


The energy transition is there, the energy business model is shifting and with the next3 we are ready to play a very active role in this transition.


Energy autarky


More than selfconsumption we propose energy autarky. The energy full autonomy that will allow to fully manage your solar energy to provide peace of mind and a reliable supply for the next 20 to 30 years.

Solar mobility


Your solar station at home and cheaper than any other electrical station. The electrical mobility becomes solar mobility.

Feedback from Sam


Sam de Prins (Stafco Bvba) is a historical client with great experience in storage systems and different batteries technologies. He has agreed to participate as beta tester for our next3 and he is already sharing with us some precious feedback.


If you want to learn more from him, you can find him here. Thanks for your contribution Sam!


Residential minigrids


Minigrids for rural electrification is since various year a central subject at Studer. We are continuing the innovation and we want to bring the best of offgrid minigrids to the residential minigrids model.


The next3 with its future accessories for multi-units and the powerful Power Flow Dispatcher (PFD) function are the base of the future of residential minigrids.


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