Do you have any questions regarding the keynote, the new products or any other aspect? We have incorporated the most frequently asked questions in this section where you could find some of the answers.

What are the product release features v1.0 for the next3?

The product release features v1.0 consist of the main specifications that the next3 first series should fulfil to be qualified for its commercialisation.


New functions will be progressively available through free software updates.


next3 product release features v1.0

  • 3x 400Vac model, asymmetric star (230V L-N) or triangle (400V L1-L2) possible.
  • SmartBoost 2.0 and Artificial Inertia (for support during power jumps on generators)
  • Power Flow Dispatcher
  • Load balancing
  • 3 devices in parallel for a power up to 48kW
  • Use of 1 single 80A transfer (80Ax230Vx3=55.2kVA)
  • Connected to the grid complying VDE standard :
    • Total grid feeding mode + backup
    • Zero-feed mode 
    • Basic self-consumption mode (SOC for backup)
  • AC flex management as generator
  • AC flex management as second load for load-shedding :
  • Settings based on :
    • Battery voltage, SOC, output power, solar excess and fixed times.
  • Settings for AUX1 and AUX2 management based on:
    • Battery voltage, SOC, output power, solar excess and fixed times.
  • Battery temperature sensor included for automatic compensation for lead-acid batteries
  • CAN communication for Lithium batteries with protocol selection according to the manufacturer at configuration
    • Standard CAN BMS protocol
    • Studer CAN BMS protocol
  • Only one battery per system
  • SOC calculation for lead acid battery (when nx is alone on the battery, no other direct DC loads and external chargers). 
  • B.L.O.  Battery lifetime optimizer
  • Monitoring
    • Datalog .csv on usb stick recorded for the day
    • Porting to the .csv internet portal possible for viewing.
    • Remote monitoring by the next interface (ethernet), modification during the day (same as XT).

What are the warranty conditions for next3?

The next3 comes with 6-year warranty. A 6 additional years warranty extension will be proposed at product delivery under the Studer CARE conditions.

Is it possible to pre-order the next1?

The next1 is at an early stage of development, the pre-order is not possible at this point. The product release is expected for Q2 2021. More information will follow. 

The pre-order period and offer validity is over. Can I pre-order the next3 later?

The next3 first release is expected for Q4 2020. The pre-order offer is a specific opportunity to reserve a next3 before the public release. After the pre-order period, the standard order procedure will apply. However, you can contact your Studer representative for confirming your interest in the device.  

The new Variotrack VT-40 presented in the keynote is also eligible for pre-ordering?

The new VT-40 is currently under the final tests before product release. The official release of the product is expected in Q3 2020. You can contact your Studer representative for more information and placing your order if required. 

Are the Studer Services already available for new orders?

The Studer services is a new development line that we are building. We will inform when the services are available with official announcements.


For the moment, the services that are already available are: 

  • Local currency payment, available in CHF, EUR, USD for the time being. We are working for adding new currencies to this service. 
  • Easy monitoring App and Studer professional portal for remote monitoring and control of your installations  

With the next arrival, will the Xtender family range be discontinued?

The new next series is being developed for responding at a certain market and client’s requirements. As a range it is complementary with the Xtender family range and it will be also compatible with the MPPT charge controllers, Variotrack and Variostring. 


We have found some limitations with the Xtender family for grid-tied applications at certain countries/regions where the regulations have evolved according to new smart grid requirements. All the rest of the multiple applications can be addressed with the Xtender inverter-chargers and the vario charge controllers. Our R&D team counts with dedicated resources to this range. Our technical support and sales team are at your disposal for any further question or information. We do believe the Xtender has a very important role to play especially for off-grid applications.